BOOK REVIEW: The Kane Chronicles, #3: “The Serpent’s Shadow” by Rick Riordan



When young magicians Carter and Sadie Kane learned how to follow the path of the Ancient Egyptian gods, they knew they would have to play an important role in restoring Ma’at–order–to the world would become. The Chaos snake Apophis is loose and threatening to destroy the earth in three days’ time. The magicians are divided. The gods are disappearing, and those who remain are weak. Walt, one of Carter and Sadie’s most gifted initiates, is doomed and can already feel his life force ebbing. Zia is too busy babysitting the senile sun god, Ra, to be of much help. What are a couple of teenagers and a handful of young trainees to do?

There is possibly one way to stop Apophis, but is is so difficult that it might cost Carter and Sadie their lives, if it even works at all. It involves trusting the ghost of a psychopathic magician not to betray them, or worse, kill them. They’d have to be crazy to try it. Well, call them crazy.

With hilarious asides, memorable monsters, and an ever-changing crew of friends and does, the excitement never lets up in The Serpent’s Shadow, a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying conclusion to the Kane Chronicles.

from dust jacket ~


This book was hands-down flawless and amazingly awesome. Rick Riordan never lets you down, at least he didn’t until he sent my OTP to Tartarus… anywho… The Serpent’s Shadow was action packed and fantastic. The relationship scenes don’t make you just want to go “Ughhhhh.. kill me!” , I find both relationships (Carter and Zia, and Sadie and Walt) somewhat endearing and cute. I wished they would have more scenes, but I see how irrelevant it would seem in the middle of the action. Sadie and Walt/Anubis ARE SO CUTE. They are another one of my OTP’s and I’m thankful that Uncle Rick didn’t kill them off. 🙂

I find both of the Kane kids amazingly clever and strong, even though everyone they care about die. I don’t even know how to explain this books’ amazing-ness! Honestly, When I started reading the first book: The Red Pyramid I didn’t think I would get so into Egyptian mythology, but Rick proved me wrong. It was quite fantastic, and now I have knowledge of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology and it’s gods. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Rick Riordan book. But, this book is fantastic and I would totally recommend this trilogy to any fans of Fantasy or Sci-Fi books. And honestly, this book made me laugh sooooooo many times, my parents were starting to think I needed to be institutionalized. And i really liked the ending where Carter took the throne and Sadie danced with Walt/Anubis. IT WAS JUST…. asdfghjkl;sdfkgnasjdg.

I’m sorry that you don’t speak fangirl.


Character development

✔ Writing style

✔ Humor



did you really think there would be con’s hahahahahaha.



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