Bookshelf’d: Books of June

So I’ve decided to make a “Bookshelf’d” post every month (if I don’t buy any books in a month then I won’t make one, obviously). This month, July, and maybe August might be kind of meager because I’m saving up to buy back-to-school makeup which I’m going to buy the first few weeks of August (I start school August 20th). But this month I did manage to buy 2 books.

I bought Paper Towns by John Green and The Lying Games, #2: Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard.

I haven’t read the first book of The Lying Game series but I bought Never Have I Ever because it was just $1.73 on Amazon! I thought that was such a great deal and I’ve seen the first 15 The Lying Game t.v episodes so I thought “why not” and I bought it.

The story behind buying Paper Towns was that I had this prepaid card which was horrible, it was so annoying to buy stuff with because it would decline it at first even though it had money. It first had $40 but I used $20 to buy my 4th of July outfit (I love to be festive!). I had $20 left and I knew exactly what I was going to buy. I bought an 88 matte eye shadow palette because I’ve wanted one for a long time! I told my mom and she told me to use up all the money so that she can get me a better and more useful card. “Get a book or something” were her exact words… well actually it was in Spanish so her exact words were “Compra te un libro, o algo?“, but it’s the same thing.

I swear once I finish my back-to-school shopping I’ll be back buying books like a pro.


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