BOOK REVIEW: Pretty Dead by Francesca Lia Block

pretty dead

2 stars


People pity me, but mostly they feel envy. I have all the luxury and freedom a girl my age could want.

Something is happening to Charlotte Emerson. Like the fires that are ravaging the hills of Los Angeles, it consumes her from the inside out. But whether it is her eternal loneliness, the memory of her brother, the return of her first love, or the brooding, magnetic Jared—she cannot say. What if it’s something more . . .

Something to do with the sudden tear in her perfect nails. The heat she feels when she’s with Jared. The blood rushing once again to her cheeks and throughout her veins.

For Charlotte is a vampire, witness to almost a century’s worth of death and destruction. But not since she was a human girl has mortality touched her.

In what way will you be transformed?

Until now.



The actual rating would be 1.75 but I don’t have a 1.75 star picture nor am I going to make one.

This book was so bad.

It was more of an impulse buy, I didn’t do much research on it. I saw it at the dollar store while I was buying loads of candy (because bags of candy for $1 each is amazing) and it looked pretty so I guess I’ll buy it.

I was also influenced by what Cassandra Clare said about this book [“An opulent, surreal world of strange beauty, sudden horror, and lush romance.”] but it was very much far from that. I was terribly let down.

This book is a retelling, sort of a journal entry, of what happened to Charlotte Emerson.

Basically, it’s a reverse vampire story; she’s a vampire but wants to turn back into a human. She steals her (un-dead) best friend Emily’s boyfriend Jared, they make glorious love on her expensive decor, she’s running from a jerk named William Elliot, he turned Emily into a vampire and Charlotte into a mortal, and in the end love conquers all and Jared and Charlotte live mortal lives together.

Charlotte was so whiny, oh my gods. She had all this expensive stuff and all she wanted was to be a human. She would say how she’s glad she had all this stuff but how it feels empty (get a damn cat then!) and she would love to be mortal again. It was just very boring but I’m so glad that it was so short or else I would’ve never finished it.

Would not recommend.

A gif that sums up my reaction to this book:


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