BOOK REVIEW: The Lying Game, #1: The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

the lying game

4 stars



Pretty girls don’t play by the rules. They make them.

Abandoned by her mother at age five, Emma Paxton has had a rough life in foster care, always longing for a family of her own. When she discovers Sutton Mercer, the wealthy twin she never knew she had, she leaps at the chance to meet her. But then Sutton disappears. . . .

Mistaking Emma for her sister, Sutton’s friends whisk her away. At first Emma plays along, eager to peek into her twin’s life. Sutton seems to have everything Emma never got—an adoring boyfriend, fiercely loyal friends, and a close-knit family—but as Emma is drawn further into Sutton’s world, she finds that everyone is hiding dark secrets. Worst of all, Sutton may not be coming back—ever.

Now, to find out what happened to her, Emma must keep up the charade. But one wrong move and she could end up missing as well.

Let the Lying Game begin.



This book is so crazy. Let me just start with the thing I didn’t like:

  • How did they not get arrested?! The things they do are soooo dangerous and harmful to others, by now they would have them arrested or in a mental institution! How did no one have to idea that this is going a little too far?

Since I saw the show before reading the book, it was really INACCURATE and BORING compared to the book. In the show they changed all of their last names (except Sutton’s), they added a dumb sub-conflict with Emma and Sutton switching back and forth. But the show doesn’t matter.

In the book, Sutton is already dead.

I think Emma reacted appropriately considering her situation, most characters would be written as majorly heroic and kill the killer with their bare hands whereas Emma cried and tried to run away.

I didn’t really form any emotional connections with anyone except Ethan, he seems to be the only sane person (besides Emma) who thinks the Lying games are crazy!

This book makes it seem like Nisha is a saint compared to Sutton n’ Friends.

Now I’m itching to see who Sutton’s killer is!

The mystery totally has me captivated!

I was looking for a good contemporary book and this is a great series that will keep me entertained. It’s a good fast-paced thriller that will keep you interested! Recommended!


A gif that sums up my reaction:


One thought on “BOOK REVIEW: The Lying Game, #1: The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

  1. I haven’t seen the show, and I have read all the books (so far). I can’t believe they made it that Sutton was still alive! That takes away the whole point of the plot of the books. I really don’t understand it …
    Anyway, I’m glad you liked this book 😀 I think it’s a fun read. Although, I found that the books went downhill after about the third. Which kind of sucked because the story had such promise!

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