BOOK REVIEW: Gone, #2: Hunger by Michael Grant


4.5 stars



Food ran out weeks ago. Everyone is starving, but no one wants to figure out a solution. And each day, more and more kids are evolving, developing supernatural abilities that set them apart from the kids without powers.

Tension rises and chaos is descending upon the town. It’s the normal kids against the mutants. Each kid is out for himself, and even the good ones turn murderous.

But a larger problem looms. The Darkness, a sinister creature that has lived buried deep in the hills, begins calling to some of the teens in the FAYZ. Calling to them, guiding them, manipulating them.

The Darkness has awakened. And it is hungry.



I have a whole lot to say, I took a buttload of notes so let’s do this!

So, in the beginning, when E.Z died in the first chapter (I think it was on page 6) I was really scared because I thought that Michael was going to kill off a lot of other characters like most other authors, lookin’ at you Rick Riordan. I remember reading this during class and being just hysterical because I was so nervous.

I felt like I connected to these characters more now. In Hunger, the characters are shown in a different perspective, metaphorically, showing their vulnerability and internal conflict as opposed to the very literal, obvious external conflict.

I connected more with the (I don’t know what to call them because they’re all speaking through their own perspective and being main characters) characters that aren’t the direct main characters, ya feel?

I connected a lot with Mary and Diana.

Mary, because she has an eating disorder and (woops, it’s gonna get a little personal) I understood her thought process when it was written from her perspective. I felt even more emotional because of how everyone else reacted to it, especially her brother. I felt like my heart got stomped on and thrown into a fire.

Diana, because she isn’t who she acts to be. She puts up a tough facade when inside she’s afraid. As the book went on, she just started evolving into someone with more than a snarky comeback. She grew on me throughout the book, seeing her struggle between what’s right and what’s safe, a completely significant decision in all of their situations living in the FAYZ.

The only reasons why I bumped it down .5 of a star is because some characters were so impractical and selfish and some things were so predictable.

The premise as a whole is very interesting and I think Michael Grant executed it smoothly. It must be good if I like it because I despise science fiction.

The battle at the end of the book was actually less climactic than in the first book, also another reason for being bumped down.

The grandiosity of it was not satisfying enough. When it was building up to climax, it would simmer down enough to a sad or hopeless though and action; it would reach it’s peak and then drop repeatedly.

However, the actual fight was very interesting and you could tell just how much pressure the characters were feeling having to mutually defeat the common enemy, the gaiaphage.

There were a bunch of very creepy and borderline disturbing scenes.

Every scene that involved Drake beating someone up or threatening to or even just contemplating it made me cringe.

To be honest, Drake scares the living crap out of me. He is even more terrible than Caine, the main villain. Drake is a sadistic, non-compassionate, crazy person! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

Also, the scenes where Little Pete would dream and things would come to life was incredibly scary. The way it was described, as the inanimate objects developing mouths and trying to communicate, was so disturbing.


I have come to the conclusion that Sam is the only character who managed to get shit done while everyone else was out be a nuisance.


Gif Summary:

Zekes (worms)

Drake whipping Sam


The Human Crew

Edilio almost dying


One thought on “BOOK REVIEW: Gone, #2: Hunger by Michael Grant

  1. I hated Gone. It took me 6 months to get through it and I reluctantly started this one years ago but had to put it down. Glad to know that the characters get better! And I really did enjoy Diana’s character but I just…hated the way Cane (Cain?) treats her. Anyway, great review! I think I’ll finish this series this year.

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