BOOK REVIEW: The Mortal Instruments, #4: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

city of fallen angels

2.5 stars


It’s so hard to review a book I read so long ago and thoroughly disliked.

To start off, I do NOT ship Clace. Yes, wow, shocker. The only thing really getting me through this book was Simon and Isabelle.

I feel like the story was concluded very well in City of Glass, everything was resolved. This book didn’t add anything really new to the plot but it was more of a transitional book, adding some elements to lead up to something bigger in later books.

That’s what makes it so hard to review, it was so uneventful that I could easily just explain the major plot points on one hand.

  • Lilith is rising and bringing Sebastian back to life
  • Jace is being controlled by Lilith
  • Maureen and Camille
  • Jace almost killing Clary
  • Simon-Isabelle-Maia-Jordan (Kyle) love box, which really isn’t a major plot point


Lilith bringing Sebby back to life

One of the most important (if not the most important) plot points in this entire novel. Lilth, crazy, psycho, evil demon responsible for the dead babies found all over town. Sebastian, Jocelyn’s other child, the demon spawn, piece of crap, incestuous, Clary’s brother, Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. Those two, mixing, aiding the other, is just a combination for a disaster. Plus, add a mind-controlled Jace working for Lilith and you’ve got world damnation. Lilith bringing Sebastian back to life is OBVIOUSLY a bad idea. But of course, the day is saved with the help of the kickass Shadowhunter (and co.) crew.

Maureen and Camille

Maybe it’s just me, because I love most antagonists, but I think Camille is a sexy, manipulative, sass queen. However, I think Maureen is a like a more dangerous rabid dog that needs to be put down. How those opinions formed I don’t know? Camille is crazy and a killer, but there’s something about her that strikes me as vulnerable. Maybe that’s just me, again, because I’m a little crazy.

Jace thinking of and almost killing Clary

This is the reason why I don’t ship Clace, not the direct reason, but a product of that reason. This whole mess started when Clary, selfish and “in love” with Jace, brought Jace back to life when Jace got stabbed by Valentine, the angel Raziel granted Clary a wish and she wished for Jace to come back to life. In this book we read about how when a Shadowhunter is born, he/she gets blessed, in a way, by the Silent Brothers and the Iron Sisters. But when Jace was revived, he was not given said blessing and was prone to get demons invading his head. Their reckless enamored states is comparable to Romeo and Juliet (except Clary and Jace didn’t meet and fall in love and die in less than a week.)

I just don’t love their love, it kind of makes me sick.


This book, the shortest book in the series so far, is the most boring and most anticlimactic.

I will continue with this series just because I love each character individually, but sometimes not together  (like Clary and Jace)

Gif summary

Jace and Clary getting frisky:

Dead babies and Lilith:

Alec being a jealous drama queen:

The ending:





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