BOOK REVIEW: Mind Games, #0.5: Annie and Fia by Kiersten White

annie and fia

5 stars





This thrilling short story from bestselling author Kiersten White is a prequel to the psychological thriller Mind Games.

Annie has been blind since she was four.

Suddenly—for an instant—she can see. And what she sees will change her life forever.

Fia will do anything for Annie.

But she never realized how far she would have to go to protect her sister. And now she can never go back.


*NO  Spoilers*

I never imagined that I could be so much like a character except for the mind powers, it’s a little shocking.

“It’s a lie, but it’s the lie he needs. I’m going to hell.”

I literally don’t even know how many times I lie and I think to myself “Wow, I’m so manipulative. I’m going to hell.”

This possibly made me like the characters and plot for Mind Games even more! I really enjoyed this short 40 page novella, I don’t understand how one can give a novella less than five stars??? Maybe I haven’t read any bad novellas.

This novella follows, obviously, the two sisters Annie and Fia.

It goes from the past to present giving both flashbacks and results of said flashbacks told through Annie and Fia’s POV’s. I personally love novellas because I feel like they give an extra bit of information of the story in a way that would be irrelevant to the book but at the same time relevant to the plot. It’s something that would be helpful to know while getting into the following book.

I really enjoyed Annie and Fia and Fia is just my favorite character and I love her so much.

NOTE: novella reviews will typically be shorter and will typically have no gif summaries. 

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