BOOK REVIEW: Schizo by Nic Sheff


4 stars


Miles is the ultimate unreliable narrator—a teen recovering from a schizophrenic breakdown who believes he is getting better … when in reality he is growing worse.

Driven to the point of obsession to find his missing younger brother, Teddy, and wrapped up in a romance that may or may not be the real thing, Miles is forever chasing shadows. As Miles feels his world closing around him, he struggles to keep it open, but what you think you know about his world is actually a blur of gray, and the sharp focus of reality proves startling.

Format: Hardcover
Published: September 30th 2014 by Philomel Books
Pages: 272
Date Read: March 2 (2015)
Buy It: Amazon | B+N | Book Depository

.5 of the 4 stars that I gave this book was merely for my general interest in the subject of the novel.

(This is the part of the book review where I connect myself to the book so idk if you care about my life but…) This year I’m taking AP Psychology, and I want to become a psychologist, which explains my interest in this book. I heard some very “meh” things about this book which kind of made me hesitant but I do not get it at all.

I’m trying to explain the difference of opinion by the fact that I already know a bit about schizophrenia so I felt like I could understand deeper.

Until I read the about the author, I was very surprised (in a good way) about the accuracy of the character’s schizophrenia. So a reason I liked this book was because of the beautiful accuracy of everything, even down to the medication. Also, the accuracy of the symptoms was crucial to the plot (and the plot twist, if that’s what it would be called?)

The characters were developed fairly well considering how short this book was and the fact that it is a standalone. In the notes I took for this review I explained Miles’ development as “goes from ily to i love myself” which is like a very basic description of what happened.

Ultimately, the very best thing about Schizo is the happy ending.

Song(s) that remind me of this book:

  • Happy by Marina and the Diamonds
  • High Again by Hoodie Allen
  • Even My Dad Does Sometimes by Ed Sheeran


Teddy not being real:

Miles’ episodes:


Miles’ almost suicide:

His new friendships:

The book in general:


One thought on “BOOK REVIEW: Schizo by Nic Sheff

  1. Hi!! I came across your review of Schizo because I was looking at my friends’ reviews of it on Goodreads, and you and I are friends on there! And I was looking at my friends’ reviews of it on Goodreads because I’m currently writing a post for my own blog about my favorite books, and wanted to link Schizo in my blurb about one of Nic Sheff’s other books, haha. Aaaaanyway that was a too-long explanation… I just wanted to say, this is the first time I’m actually looking at your blog and not just at your posts on Goodreads, and I love this review! I thought Schizo was excellent, and was also coming into it from a psychology student’s point of view. Plus, come on. A+ gif usage (especially the first one, holy hell), so bravo on that! I’m definitely going to look at more of your posts now 🙂

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