Best Books of 2015

These books aren’t in any particular order, I love them all so much. They are all equally good if they made it onto this list for 2015!


#1: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

“Perhaps it is the greatest grief, after all, to be left on earth when another is gone.”



The beauty of this book is truly astounding. I’d like to thank my friend Elly (richardsganseyiii) for recommending this book to me in the first place. You can see my review here to see all that I had to say about this book. If Rick Riordan himself enjoyed this book, how about giving it a try?



#2: Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

“I may not remember anything about her, but I would bet her smile was my favorite part of her.”



I count all parts of this little series as one, that’s why I included a photo of part two via my Instagram. These novellas are truly amazing. Here are my reviews of Never Never #1 and Never Never #2. I have recommended this series to many people and so far, all of them have enjoyed them. If you want mystery, romance, and a little mystic voodoo coming straight from New Orleans look no further!



#3: The Ugly Stepsister by Aya Ling


“Books open new worlds to me.”


I don’t have a photo of this on my Instagram, however, it does not diminish the love I have for this book. My review can be found here~

This was a very refreshing retelling of Cinderella. I’ll be honest, when I was asked to review this book from Aya herself I was a little nervous. I had already read Cinder and loved it and wondered if I would be biased if I were to accept. I’m glad I accepted though, because my worries were forgotten when I actually read it. While both The Ugly Stepsister and Cinder were great, they aren’t similar to each other which really makes each novel stand out on it’s own. All in all, The Ugly Stepsister is a touching tale that you must check out! Check out my review here.



#4: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

“What’s the point of trying to fix a world we’re so briefly in?”


I had a picture on my Instagram of Warm Bodies but I deleted it and I can’t find it anymore. *sigh* but no matter, this book was fantastic! I put off reading this book solely because zombies are terrifying to me, I am so afraid of the idea of zombies that I stayed away from it for a long time. Warm Bodies was always mentioned around me for long enough that I decided to put my fear aside and see what the buzz is. While I might not have gotten over my fear completely, Warm Bodies is definitely one of my favorite books! My review is here! The writing was so delightful and I am waiting for the sequel!



#5: Slip by David Estes 

“Even the smallest and most unwanted seed can slip through the cracks and, against all odds, grow up to be a tall, strong, beautiful thing.”



This was my very first book of 2015! It definitely started off my year in a positive direction! I remember reading this book also. It was the first night of 2015. I was laying in bed and looking through the Kindle Book store. I had Amazon Unlimited at the time. It was free! I previously read a book by David Estes and I loved it as well and it was even a favorite of 2014 of mine. The cover definitely drew me in! I spend consecutive hours reading it and I even fell asleep reading it! It took me about two days to finish it, but it was so good! My review is here! I recommend this book to all you dystopian lovers! Truly a gem!



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Click here to see all of the books I read in 2015 ~

I hope 2015 was good for all of you out there and here’s to an even better 2016! xoxo


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