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  • Clarity by Kim Harrington

Click here for the book review of Clarity

This is a (I don’t really know how to explain it) a 2 book series. It’s about this girl, Clarity “Clare” who can see things by touching it and she has to solve a murder for her town. It involves romance and humor (Clare is so funny!). It’s a very enjoyable fast read.


  • Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Click here for the book review of Everneath

THIS BOOK IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I READ IN MY WHOLE LIFE (or just 2013.. so far). It’s about Nikki Beckett who disappeared into an underworld called the Everneath. She comes back to the Surface (Earth) because she misses her bf Jack. But there’s this (asshole) kid named Cole, an immortal who wants to make Nikki his Everneath queen. It’s THE COOLEST WORLD EVER AND I LOVE IT. EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT. IT’S AMAZING. CURRENTLY, THIS BOOK IS AT $7.20 ON AMAZON. GO BUY IT!!! The 3rd book “Evertrue” comes out January 21st 2014!!!


  • The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Click here for the book review of The Throne of Fire (BOOK TWO of the trilogy)

This book is seriously some of the best of Rick Riordan. I honestly liked it more than Percy Jackson and the Olympians but less than the Heroes of Olympus. I didn’t think that I would like this series as much as I did but I do and I’m not even sorry! I think everyone should read it regardless to the target age group. I don’t think that kid 8-12 should be reading Rick’s books, honestly, I feel that his books are 12+ considering that Percy is 12 in Rick’s first ever book. Okay, so The Red Pyramid is basically about Carter and Sadie, brother and sister, who reunite and save their dad from evil Egyptian forces and go on badass adventures into discovering who they are.



-YA Contemporary

  • Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Click here for the book review of Perfect Chemistry 

This book is a really great romance trilogy, especially if you are Hispanic or speak Spanish. This book is about Brittany, a spoiled but down-to-earth gringa (white girl), and Alex, a sexy Mexican gangbanger who rides motorcycles and gets into fights. They have Chemistry class together (SEE THEY HAVE CHEMISTRY) and they bond and it’s a great story about how opposites attract. 

-YA Contemporary

  • Paper Towns by John Green

Click here for the book review of Paper Towns

Honestly, I got more attached to this book than The Fault in Our Stars (shockingly, because it seems TFiOS is so amazing). This book is about Q (Quentin) who goes on a roadtrip/revenge spree with his childhood crush Margo. After the night that they go on the revenge spree, Margo disappears. He goes on a mysterious clue hunt to try to find her.
It’s such an amazing book! I really love all the characters in this book and the plot is great! My favorite John Green book so far!


  • Fateful by Claudia Gray

Click here for the book review of Fateful

I recommend this book partly because it’s a standalone novel, but because it’s just so great! It’s about werewolves, the Titanic, I think that it already sounds good. This book made me laugh, made me cry, made me surprised, it was nothing like I expected. But I loved it!




  • The Selection by Kiera Cass

Click here for the book review of The Selection

OH GOD, THIS IS A GREAT TRILOGY. It’s about this world where the country of Illea is separated into castes, the higher castes are the most rich, 1’s are the royal family, each caste has a specific job. Anyway, America Singer is a 5, a musician, she enters The Selection, a raffle where 35 girls are randomly selected in hopes of the country getting a new princess. This book isn’t the bubbly happy princess book you might think it is. The second book is so tortured and sad that It will leave a scar on your heart. THE SECOND BOOK WILL LEAVE YOU IN SHAMBLES. So you should read it 🙂


  • Gone by Michael Grant

Click here for the book review of Gone

This book was so good and it’s a shame I underestimated it. I had set it down for 4 months after reading 100 or so pages because it was boring. THE REST OF THE BOOK IS SO WORTH IT. After getting through a slow introduction into this new world that Michael Grant has created, the book exploded with incredible action. It’s about a world where all the adults vanish and kids younger than 16 (I think) remain encased in Perdido Beach with a protective barrier around them so they can’t get out. It’s basically a story of survival and a pretty intense one at that.


Historical Fiction:

-Time Travel

  • Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Click here for the book review of Ruby Red

Amazing trilogy! It was so fast-paced and it was just a fast read! If you don’t like historical fiction you should give it a try with this trilogy! There’s romance and mystery and I really love it. Basically it’s about our protagonist Gwenyth being stuck in this secret society called the Lodge and she finds out she has this “time-traveling gene”. She meets some shady characters in the past to find out the secret to closing the chronographs (the item used for time travel) Circle of Blood that rids the world of all illness but her cousins Lucy and Paul have stolen the second chronograph to prevent the Circle to be closed. It’s really great! Go read it! Now! Buy them all so you can marathon read them! Just get them all and if you don’t like them just stare at their beautiful covers.


  • Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Click here for the book review of Clockwork Angel

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOK SERIES BY CASSANDRA CLARE. I’ve read both of her currently published book series, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices and I don’t know how she could have written them both. Clockwork Angel was so beautiful and amazing and just it was so classy (as it should’ve been in the 1900’s) and then City of Bones was just so sloppy, witty and cute, but still sloppy (don’t get me wrong though, I like The Mortal Instruments). Clockwork Angel is about our BAMF (bad-ass mother fucker) heroine Theresa Gray a.k.a Tessa Gray who just arrived in London to see her brother. She finds out about this world of vampires, warlocks, Shadowhunters, demons, and that sort. All while living in the gorgeous era of Victorian London.




  • Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Click here for the book review of Infinity

I never expected to love this book as much as I do. WOW. Nick Gautier is a sarcastic lil shit loser who gets bullied because his mom’s a stripper and they’re poor. He gets saved by a mysterious guy, a hunter who kills demons and save humanity. Nick starts finding out how the newly realized world of demons and blood suckers collides with the real world. This book is part of a spin off series to the Dark-Hunter series (but I haven’t read the Dark-Hunter series so I think you’ll be fine). Infinity comes from a series of ten books called the Chronicles of Nick series.


  • Legend by Marie Lu

Click here for the book review of Legend

I cannot stress how fantastic this book was because I cannot find the words. This book is the first book in the Legend trilogy which I highly recommend. Legend is about dystopian America in the future where America is separated into two sides– The Republic and The Colonies. The main characters June and Day are on the Republic side. Day is a poor street criminal and June is a well trained soldier and prodigy of the Republic. The Republic and the Colonies are at war, The Republic’s schools are used to weed out the most excellent soldiers from the rest of the population and used to fight in the war. It’s so terrific. ALL of the characters (including the villains) are so complex and well written. Marie Lu is a genius and I would bow at her feet if I could, I admire her so much.


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